Any updates and/or information should remain very up to date here, with site updates being applied when necessary, and as soon as possible.  Cheers!

August 30/'04 - With the positive feedback that came from the remix of Bogsnarth's track, it's been decided that perhaps it's worth pushing a little further. After discussing such with John (Mr. Bogsnarth), we figured we'd submit it for Wetworks Sound Sampler Vol. 3. Now, I know this also means that I have successfully procrastinated against making something new again... but bear with me. I've been kinda poking at a Pulse State remix on Remix Wars (great site, I might add - they recently offered support in hosting the WetWorks compilations, as well!), but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it... does that ever make me sound like a snotty 'arteest' type. :\  Anyways, I'll keep you all updated on how it comes along.

As a side-note, a few additions have been added into the Links section. A couple of the artists are releasing new material, and some upcoming releases are incredible. KiloWatts & Vanek is closing in on release date, and KiloWatts has just finished up on his solo release, as well... it's sounding amazing. Definitely get your hands on it. Kristy Venrick, of The Azoic and Nilaihah Records, gave the heads-up on her latest efforts recently, as well. This girl's got a voice... it's available now, so go get a copy. You won't regret it, if you're into the style... soundclips are up to take a listen beforehand. It can offer some listening to make up for my dead air. ;)

August 03/'04 - After nearly a MONTH of having problems with the site, everything is finally working again as it should. Additionally, the site is no longer hosted as a .tk free site, but now is a sexy .com domain. If you have bookmarked the site, please change it to Downloads have been broken links, and this has been fixed, as well. Now it's merely a matter of working this page up to #1. Additionally, I've chosen to remove the Paypal link... things worked out for the better, and I found myself a regular income (hence being able to register the domain).

July 02/'04 - The site hits have been pretty pleasing, considering I try not to spam it in an over obnoxious way. It's been a fairly quiet couple of months in terms of writing (though I'd really like to make something up for the next 'Wetworks' compilation. There's some pretty impressive names on there, and it would be an honour to be among them. However, June was a particularily hard month and July has finally got me barely keeping my head above water. Thus, in an act of desperation, I've added the Paypal Donate button to the homepage, here. It's an encrypted link, etc... added the lovely security features to it. I had thought of putting it up eventually anyways, but it's a shame it had to be under bad circumstances. Thanks to those who are able to offer a hand, and thanks for all who have taken the time to stop by and even leave comments. It's been a great experience, so far.

May 08/'04 - WetWorks Electrozine has released their first compilation full of indie electro and EBM material, and last year's 'Reality (The Second Coming)' has been included. I will very likely perform an exclusive track for an upcoming compilation which will only appear there, so keep an eye on both sites for more information regarding such.

May 06/'04 - New track completed! After being knocked offline for a move, things didn't go too smoothly getting the service reconnected. Splitter boxes renovated into walls, etc... Regardless, the time off left me with the time to do it. It's a remix of Bogsnarth the Unpredictable's "You Find This All Very Amusing, Don't You? (Yes)", and is available on the Downloads page. Hopefully it's well received. Be sure to visit Bogsnarth's page at

Apr. 23/'04 - The final portion of the site has been added - Discography. It contains a concise record of mp3 releases and CD(-R) releases, as complete as it's going to be. A couple of old tracks from the Strident Euphony era are available there, if you so dare to assault your ears with it.

Additionally: There's been some complaints about the Guestbook having trouble with Firefox. Seems it can't be posted, and replies can't be seen. If you really want to leave a message, just use IE for now. I'll see what I can figure out.

Apr. 22/'04 - Current selection of tracks for download added. They have long been the only available, and it just might remain the case. If I get about to doing things again, they will likely be up on a rotating basis. From time to time, I may add a demo, so keep an eye on it.

Apr. 21/'04 - Guestbook added, so suggest away at what can be done with the site until the tracks are up and available. I'm looking at options for page design to have something lovely going on here.